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  • Talin


    I’m not a mad scientist. I’m a mad natural philosopher.

  • Vaidehi Joshi

    Vaidehi Joshi

    Writing words, writing code. Sometimes doing both at once.

  • Personal Growth

    Personal Growth


  • Karen Catlin

    Karen Catlin

    Former tech exec, now coach, speaker, author, and #inclusion advocate. Founder @betterallies. Proud mom. 🚲 for fun. She/her.

  • Katie Wilde

    Katie Wilde

    VP of Engineering at Ambassador Labs. I love it when you flourish.

  • Tanya Tarr

    Tanya Tarr

    I write about negotiation, integrative leadership and equal pay. Coming soon: stories of burnout recovery.

  • Kris Gage

    Kris Gage

    Writer — www.krisgage.com reach me at krisgagemedium (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Miles Fitzgerald

    Miles Fitzgerald

    Principal Product Design Manager @Microsoft for Outlook Mobile. Views are my own.

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